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MRC & EB-5

得益于纽约市曼哈顿地区作为全球金融中心的有利条件,MRC 为外国投资者和家庭提供通过 EB-5 签证计划获取美国永久居留权的机会。 MRC 与纽约市一开发、营造、金融、设计公司紧密合作,并从中获益,该公司有 25 年与纽约市开发商和政府打交道的经验。借助 Atria Builders 公司和 DSM 设计集团公司的资源,MRC 就当前和未来曼哈顿 EB-5 签证计划为投资者提供“一站式商店”发展方案。

+ USCIS approved:

MRC 获美国公民和移民服务局批准成为指定的 EB-5 签证地区中心。MRC 已引起了投资者的极大兴趣。还有一些经纪人和政府官员希望加入未来的曼哈顿项目,我们正在和他们磋商。

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想了解更多关于MRC的EB5投资机会,请联系 +1 (212) 209-3395.

News & Events

  • + 八月 5th, 2022Delayed Issuance of Form I-956F Formal Receipt Notices

    Please note that we and, as far as we know, the entire EB-5 industry, are waiting for USCIS to issue I-956F formal receipt notices, which is currently required per USCIS guidance issued on July 12th with the newly released Form I-526E.

    To date, we and others have only received a letter confirming receipt of the Form I-956F’s $17,795 filing fee. This payment receipt letter states that “USCIS will issue a formal receipt notice which will include the assigned receipt number for this application when data entry has been completed.” It appears that USCIS is taking an unreasonably long period of time to complete “data entry.”

    We understand that efforts have been taken by AILA and IIUSA to urge USCIS to issue formal receipt notices promptly or change their guidance to comply with the “filing” requirement of the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022 (“RIA”). The current delay in issuing formal receipt notices is in violation of the June 24th preliminary injunction, which states in part that existing EB-5 regional centers “must presently be permitted to operate within the regime created by the [EB-5 Reform and Integrity] Act [of 2022]. This includes processing new I-526 petitions from immigrants investing through previously authorized regional centers” (See Behring Reg’l Ctr. v. Mayorkas, 22-cv-02487-VC, 12 (N.D. Cal. Jun. 24, 2022)).

  • + 七月 14th, 2022Behring & D.C. Lawsuit Update: Initial Case Management Conference

    On July 14, 2022, the initial case management conference was held in the Behring lawsuit, where Judge Chhabria granted IIUSA’s motion to intervene and decided to keep both cases, Behring case and D.C. case, related, but separate. The motion for summary judgment or in the alternative, summary adjudication, hearing is set for September 8.

  • + 七月 12th, 2022USCIS Releases New Forms: Form I-526 and Form I-526E

    On Tuesday, July 12, USCIS released two new forms to reflect the requirements of the EB-5 Reform and Integrity Act of 2022 (RIA): Form I-526, Immigrant Petition by Standalone Investor and Form I-526E, Immigrant Petition by Regional Center Investor. The filing fee is $3,675 for each form. A separate biometric services fee of $85 is also required for each petitioner submitting an initial I-526E petition. For investors who file Form I-526E on or after Oct. 1, 2022, an additional $1,000 is required by the RIA.

    Instead of receiving 1 filing receipt notice from USCIS like before, properly filed I-526 and I-526E petitions will receive 2 separate receipt notices. First notice will be from USCIS Lockbox, acknowledging receipt of your I-526 or I-526E and the total fee amount received and processed. The second notice will be a formal receipt notice with the receipt number.

    According to the USCIS release announcement, investors cannot file Form I-526E until the regional center has received a receipt notice to confirm filing of Form I-956F for the particular investment offering that the investor is investing in.

  • + 七月 8th, 2022Behring and D.C. Lawsuits Update: D.C. Lawsuit Transferred to the Northern California District Court

    On July 5, 2022, the court in the D.C. lawsuit ordered to transfer the case to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California to be consolidated with the Behring lawsuit since both lawsuits have the same subject matter.

    On July 6, the D.C. lawsuit against the USCIS has been referred to Judge Chhabria for consideration of whether the case is related to the Behring lawsuit.   We hope that the two cases will be consolidated together and help move the case forward for a very favorable summary judgement for the EB-5 industry.

    The next hearing in the case is set for next Thursday, July 14 at 2:30PM PST (5:30PM EST) via Zoom. The initial case management conference will be held to discuss next steps in the litigation and IIUSA’s Motion to Intervene (request to convert from amicus curiae into Plaintiff in the case) will be considered.

  • + 七月 1st, 2022Behring Lawsuit Update: I-526 Petitions Can Be Filed Immediately After I-956F Project Application Filing

    On the evening of Friday, June 24, Judge Vince Chhabria issued an Order Granting Plaintiff’s Motion for a Preliminary Injunction (“Order”),  which stated that USCIS is “enjoined from treating the existing regional centers as deauthorized while this litigation is pending (or until the agency engages in a reasoned decision-making process regarding how to treat these centers under the Integrity Act)” (emphasis added) and that previously authorized Regional Centers “must presently be permitted to operate within the regime created by the Act” (Reform and Integrity Act of 2022, or “Act” for short), which includes “processing new I‑526 petitions from immigrants investing through previously authorized regional centers.”

    On Thursday, June 30, IIUSA held a webinar featuring its attorneys who represented this case and helped save the EB-5 industry: Attorney Paul Hughes and Attorney Ron Klasko. They confirmed that Form I-956 (Application for Regional Center Designation) does not need to be filed at this point, since all previously approved regional centers are authorized again to operate. They also stated that any potential challenges by USCIS to try to enforce that may not be successful until at least 1 year later. They reiterated that at this time, Form I-956F (Application for Approval of an Investment in a Commercial Enterprise) should be filed that demonstrates compliance with the Act before I-526 petitions can be filed.

    Please note that the lawsuit is not finalized, and the preliminary injunction will remain in place either until the ruling on summary judgment is issued or until USCIS issues a guidance or a regulation on how the regional centers should be treated.

  • + 六月 29th, 2022D.C. Lawsuit Update: Further Actions

    On Wednesday, June 24, the court granted the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s motion for leave to file amicus curiae brief in support of Plaintiffs’ motion for a preliminary Injunction or summary judgment.

    Since the preliminary injunction has been granted in the Behring case, the judge in this case requested if the parties are still seeking the preliminary relief in this case, and if not, if they would be willing to transfer this action to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, where the Behring lawsuit is currently being litigated.

    On Wednesday, June 29, both parties to the case filed their responses, and we will continue to follow this case to see if it will be moved to the Northern California District Court.

  • + 六月 24th, 2022Behring Lawsuit Update – Preliminary Injunction Granted for EB-5 Industry

    On June 24, the preliminary injunction ruling on the Behring lawsuit came out – THE INDUSTRY WON! Judge Vince Chhabria ordered that previously authorized Regional Centers “…must presently be permitted to operate within the regime created by the [Reform and Integrity] Act [of 2022].” As such, all previously authorized Regional Centers can now resume assisting investors with their EB-5 investments per the Order. Our attorneys are already at work assisting us to amend our project documents so that they reflect this ruling so that investors can file their I-526 petition as soon as possible. We recommend all investors immediately reach out to their migration agents and immigration attorneys to help them finish preparing their SOF packages and secure a spot in one of our projects ASAP.