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I-526 Approvals in Record Time for the Manhattan 11th Ave Marriott Hotel Project

abril 28th, 2020 by admin

As of April 28, 2020, we have received twenty-five (25) I-526 Approval Notices for our investors in Manhattan 11th Ave Marriott Hotel Project, with an average processing time of 8.5 months and the shortest processing time as 4.6 months!  We have been informed that our project’s quick processing times have helped many law firms break their record of the shortest I-526 approval time!


Many Congratulations to our investors and their families!



Please see below for a breakdown of the average processing times by country:

Avg Processing time as of May 1'20

We are very happy to see that USCIS has been prioritizing adjudication of our project’s I-526 petitions, including petitions from Mainland China!  We look forward to receiving approvals for the rest of our investors in this project soon!

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