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Broadway 4D

Project Summary

The Broadway 4D Theater project is one of the most unique investment opportunities for EB-5 investors wishing permanent residence in the United States. The project is located in a thriving economic area, Times Square, which also qualifies as a TEA. Over 40 million tourists now visit Times Square every year, and almost all of them are looking for an affordable and convenient Broadway musical experience.

The Broadway 4D Theater meets that enormous need. The USCIS accepts that the project will generate 709 jobs, and that the project qualifies for up to $35.5 million in EB-5 investment. Broadway 4D is raising $27.5 million from a select 55 qualified foreign investors.The Broadway 4D project has many strengths including: (i) $13.6 million of private equity investment by prominent venture investors, (ii) over $20 million of government support through grants and tax credits, (iii) an appraised value of $73.6 million, which is 2.6 times the EB-5 loan, (iv) cash flow to repay EB-5 investors beginning in year 3 after opening, (v) a $15 million third party credit line for repayment of EB-5 investors as a back-up guarantee, (vi) enormous support from New York State, New York City, the US government and many state and city agencies.The Broadway 4D project is also attracting the very best talent in Hollywood and on Broadway. Gary Goddard, the foremost designer of theme park attractions, is leading the creative team. Bryan Singer, director of such films as X Men, is an executive producer. Broadway 4D has licensed some of the greatest songs of Broadway from composers of worldwide renown including Andrew Lloyd Weber.