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Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Yehuda Frishman serves as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for the Marx Development Group (whose holdings include a federally regulated HUD mortgage lender, assisted living facilities, and real estate development and property management companies) and MDG Real Estate Global Limited, a publicly traded company on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. In addition, Mr. Frishman serves as the Comptroller for Atria Builders, L.L.C., the construction arm of the Marx Development Group, as well as its architectural design firm, DSM Design Group, L.L.C.

Using the latest technology in accounting software, Mr. Frishman manages these entities and his staff of accountants and bookkeepers to guide the diverse holdings of the Marx Development Group to proactive financial forecasting and success. Mr. Frishman has instituted weekly in-house management meetings with all top managers and executives in attendance to review the status of each of their departments and, when necessary, institutes corrective procedures to ensure financial health for each.

Mr. Frishman’s accounting and management methods enable him to report on a regular basis to not only the principles of the Marx Development Group but also to Governmental Agencies, Bank Executives, Board Members, and several sophisticated auditors. Organizing and monitoring the financial status and future of the Marx Development Group is his responsibility, and it is fulfilled in a professional manner.

Before joining the Marx Development Group in 2002, Mr. Frishman planned and performed audits and financial reviews of significant and varying businesses, focusing on government-funded healthcare facilities that were not-for-profit as well as for-profit. Mr. Frishman established staff requirements and prepared and reviewed financial statements, evaluated internal controls, and prepared Management Letters to the Board of Directors for review and business decisions. These efforts were performed while under the employment of the high-profile accounting firms of Ernst & Young and Loeb Troper in New York City.

Mr. Frishman graduated from Queens College – CUNY Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting with High Honors and was the recipient of the McGraw-Hill Accounting Award of Excellence. Mr. Frishman also served as the Financial Overseer of the $30,000,000 campus upgrade of a prestigious private elementary school and reported regularly to the school’s Board of Directors. Mr. Frishman is active in local community activities and contributes free time to educational and religious events.



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